Saved! Johnny Has a Home

Update: It was just posted on the Friends of the Forest Park Dog Run (K9 Korral) facebook page that Johnny has been claimed. “His health is being evaluated, getting all his shots and he is being neutered in the morning and released to his new adopted home in the evening.”


Johnny is a feral German Shepherd who has been living in the cemetery, he’s been seen around Forest Park and by all accounts is a lonely and friendly pooch.  We’ve read on Facebook that he lost his family as a young puppy 7 years ago and has been on his own ever since.  The workers in the cemetery have been taking care of him but every so often he wanders about making friends.  Here is johnny on one of his walkabouts.

johnny-02After this was posted on Facebook, it looks like someone called Animal Control and he’s now in a shelter.  How long will they keep a 7 year old dog alive?

johnny-01If nobody claims Johnny he will be euthanized.  We know we can’t save every dog — but here’s one that was free and wasn’t bothering anyone, he’s just looking for a break.  Is there anyone out there willing to give him the break that will save his life?

Call Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn at 212-788-4000. His ID is A0988708.

He’s a Tan, Male, Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd Dog approximately 7 Years old.


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