Missing Dog – Coco – Female Pekingese – Needs Medication

We received the following note — keep your eye out for Coco:

“Hi, I was told to try you guys because my dog is missing.

Her name is Coco, she went missing in Ozone Park by Brooklyn. she has crooked teeth. she’s a sweetheart and doesn’t bite, but she’s noisy when she wants to be. she’s an old dog and her brother, Bean, has been really sad since she’s gone missing and it’s heartbreaking. she doesn’t have a microchip or tags because we took off her harness literally the day before to bathe her.  If you could spread the word, I would be extremely grateful!”

If you know of Coco’s whereabouts, please call 718-704-6702.


Bengy has been found! Thank you to all who helped in the search.

Lost dog in Woodhaven--have you seen Bengy?

Lost dog in Woodhaven–have you seen Bengy?

MISSING DOG Last seen Saturday October 19th at 7:30pm on 88th St and 85th Rd in Woodhaven Answers to BENGY! Please return if found, his family misses him very much. Please call 347-513-9438 REWARD! !!!

RETURNED TO OWNER – Black Lab Mix – Male

Note:  The person who found this dog brought it to the vet – it had a microchip and through that, the owners were contacted and it was reunited with them.

Found: Black lab mix Friday at around 8 pm on 91 street – trying to find his rightful owners.  Older dog.  He had a collar on with no tags, hes neutered and very friendly!


If this is your dog, contact the WRBA and we will put you in touch with the people who are caring for it — email us at info@woodhaven-nyc.org or call us at 718-296-3735.

Lost Puppy Last Seen Near 87th & Jamaica

Update – Found!: Just saw this on Facebook — “Thank you everyone for your help. It was amazing all the people that called and saw her or offered advice. The entire family is very exhausted from the ordeal. Mattey went to the vet, she has some scratches and beat up paws but otherwise is doing well.”

Ran into 2 young men at the show at the bandshell last night, they were showing people this flyer — if you know anything about this puppy, who they said was named Maddy, please call 917-843-3173


Found Dog – 102nd Precinct

Just received this – please share — let’s reunite this friendly pup with his family!

“My fiancé is a police officer in the 102 precinct and last night two gentlemen walked in the precinct with this very friendly and loveable dog. We don’t know his name or his age but we do know he is friendly with other dogs and kids. My fiancé brought him home this morning because he was afraid that he would end up in a shelter and get euthanized. We would like to find the family this amazing dog belongs to. Since he was found around the 102 precinct I figured to reach out to you and see if you can post his picture in hope to find his family.”


If you know this pup’s family, email us at projectwoodhaven@aol.com

Found Cat – 86th Street

Do you know this cat?  A resident sent us a picture of a cat along with the following message:”I’ve attached a picture of a cat that has been coming to my porch this entire week. Its very friendly and clean cat and gives me the feeling its a house cat, especially the way it meows at us to come in the house. Just wanted to share, maybe you might know if someone is missing their cat.”

It has been seen on 86th street between Jamaica and 88th Ave.